Sircaliburx, sometimes known as THE MEME GOD, is a Philadelphia-based musician, rapper, and influencer. With that moniker, you might imagine that Sircaliburx is always kidding about and not taking anything seriously, but the rapper is also very enthusiastic about giving back to his local community in addition to his music. That enthusiasm has resulted in a number of activities over the last year to bring people what they need, namely food and clothing for the homeless.

In September of last year, Sircaliburx collected clothes to give away to the needy. In just one week a thousand articles of clothing were donated in total, which were then given out. “I have saying I believe in, wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket,” Sircaliburx says. “I feel wealthy when I’m giving out clothes, food, whatever the people say they need, I feel good when I’m helping.”

For Thanksgiving of last year, Sircaliburx saw a need for turkeys among some local Philadelphian. To fill that need, he gave away 100 turkeys so that families and people in need could have the signature dish at their dinner tables for the holiday. “Every artist wants to blow up and then go back to where they’re from and give back, I want to always be doing that. It’s like I’m here now already with a way to help out, so why not do it.”

The City of Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services claimed in 2019 that the city had the fewest street homeless individuals per capita of any big city in the United States. In all, around 5,700 Philadelphians are classified homeless throughout the city, with approximately 950 of them being unsheltered. The city does a lot to attempt to fight the issue of homelessness, but Sircaliburx wants people to realize that there is still a long way to go.

“The food I give out, it goes away so fast, same with the clothes,” he says. “These people need all that and more and I think people need to be more aware of the homeless people in their areas. I’ve been getting more aware of what it’s like and Philly and I feel like I’ve been able to help out a lot.”

The Opioid crisis has caused a lot of people to become homeless in Philadelphia in recent years. Homelessness in the downtown Center City area is also more visible now due to construction and fewer public spaces for people to live. These kinds of conditions apply not only to Philadelphia, but to many other metro areas across the country.

One of the areas struggling the most is Los Angeles, California. There, Sircaliburx gave away 100 Little Caesars pizzas to homeless individuals on the infamous Skid Row on May 15th, during an event dubbed SirCalibur Day. The available pizzas didn’t last very long, as news of the act of kindness quickly spread among the homeless community. 

“I know it’s not just here, this is an American problem as a whole,” Sircaliburx says. “I want people to see what I’m doing and help me out or do it themselves. It’s possible, you can make a difference, you just have to actually get how there and have a plan on what you’re gonna do.”

With Thanksgiving approaching in a few months, Sircaliburx intends to host another turkey giveaway to provide families with the nourishment they require. He also wants to perform another clothes giveaway before the end of the year, hoping to outdo his 1,000-article giveaway from earlier this year. “I just want it to get bigger and bigger,” he said. “Hopefully we can go from city to city, get across the state, and one day maybe just have a whole charity that can work across the country. I’m not putting a limit on anything as long as I’m helping somebody out.”