Shawny Ellsworth, founder of Exquisite Aesthetics, discloses the experiences that lead her to the beauty industry, being a tattoo artist, and the naysayers that doubted her.

Shawny is taking in all her success as an entrepreneur. She says, “The very people that used to hate on me now want to train with me.” The international medical and cosmetic tattoo artist and trainer built her business from nothing.

To transfer her uniqueness, talent, and beauty into the restorative aspects of the beauty industry is a dream come true for Shawny. “I grew up dreaming that I would either be a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Beauty is very personal to me. Unfortunately, I ended up in the mortgage industry,” Shawny laughs. “So, obviously I had to pursue my aesthetician license.” As soon as Shawny was licensed, she opened Exquisite Aesthetics. Shortly after, Shawny quickly realized that she wasn’t satisfied with just doing facials. “I was really interested in dermal fillers and botox, so I decided to close my business and start working on my prereqs to become a registered nurse, ” Shawny shares. She did all this while she was nine months pregnant with her second child. Pregnant and tired, she soon realized the nursing school would take way too long, so she put the idea on hold. 

Becoming a success

Shawny outlines her success, “ Thankfully, my friend introduced me to the art of microblading. I was hesitant at first, but then I realized all the potential benefits my clients could experience.” She continues, “Shortly, after learning to microblade, I decided to reopen my own studio and become a tattoo artist. It was pretty difficult. I had very little direction, and I think a lot of people doubted me, but I just kept my head down and kept working hard. I was working 24/7 with a newborn baby. Fortunately, my husband and parents believed in me and supported me. It was a hectic time, but I finally quit the mortgage industry once and for all and focused on my business.”

Shawny continues, “ Clients started to book with me from all over the world. I was quickly becoming well-known. So, I decided to attend a medical tattooing school at Penn Medicine in PA and learned how to do Medical PMU (permanent makeup) Restoration. I knew that I was passionate about aesthetics, and I recognized that I could help people feel beautiful in a way that no one else could.”

Talent and Beauty

The essence of beauty and elegance is what Shawny loves about her job. She claims, “I have finally fulfilled the dream I had as a kid. My path wasn’t straightforward and it wasn’t easy, but I feel like I’ve definitely found my niche. We recently moved out of Sacramento and opened a Paramedical Tattoo Studio in Hermosa Beach. I offer 3D semi-permanent eyebrows, areola repigmentation, scar camouflage, and scalp micropigmentation. The promise I make to my clients is that they will feel comfortable during the process and in the end feel a renewed sense of confidence in their own skin. I work with the most amazing plastic surgeons all over the globe, so I am familiar with what needs to be done post-surgery. I am basically the perfecting session after every surgery, the icing on the cake.”

Shawny states, “Every product that I use on my clients, I share with my students. I have amazing, professional products as well as aftercare and body exfoliating products that are a must for everyone, especially tattoo artists and aestheticians before they provide their services. I also train people to become medical tattooists all over the world. I’ve trained in the US, China, Thailand, and Jamaica.”

Words for other women pursuing their dreams

Shawny ends by saying, “Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. That is only going to piss you off. “Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle. Remember why you started. This is what pushed me to work as hard as I did.”