Amazon has long dominated the ecommerce space and is known around the world as the place to go for almost anything. However, with capitalism, there is always competition, and there is a new company challenging Amazon’s status: Walmart. With the opening of their new Seller Central, Walmart is poised to contest Amazon’s grip on the ecommerce space. 

Genius Academy founder Eric Walsh believes that now is the ideal time to take advantage of this exciting (and mostly unrecognized) opportunity. In an age where Amazon is seen as the premier place to sell products online, Eric believes that many people aren’t even aware of the opportunities they’re missing out on, so he’s committed to spreading the word about the new platform’s potential benefits for sellers.

Amazon’s as-yet unmatched success in this area has been impossible for other retailers to ignore. Throughout Amazon’s reign over the ecommerce space, companies like Walmart have been watching closely for ways to carve their own piece of the digital market pie. With sellers like Eric making millions on Amazon’s platform, Walmart is ready to break into this fruitful territory with their own Seller Central.

Eric explains that now is exactly the right time to open an ecommerce platform with Walmart Seller Central. “Again, the reason goes back to Amazon. When they first started their Seller Central, they wanted their market share. They opened their arms wide to anyone who wanted to sell. However, over time, Amazon got tighter and tighter with their system. History is repeating itself with Walmart, who just wants their market share at this point. It’s a quicker, more scalable model for you. Gradually, though, we’re going to see Walmart get just as strict as Amazon is now. You have a massive opportunity to open a Walmart Seller Central account now and get yourself a place. The problem is that most people have no idea about this opportunity and are missing out on income that can really transform their lives.”

Through Eric’s two businesses, you are able to start earning profits by selling through Walmart. “Which one you choose depends on whether you want to earn income passively or actively,” he says. “Genius Academy Automation is for people who are looking for passive income. You provide the capital, and my team and I take it from there. We help you form a legitimate LLC as well as build an ecommerce website, which Walmart requires when you apply. After that, we establish your account with Walmart Seller Central and create listings for your products we will sell. Consistency is extremely important, so we avoid products that are trendy or popular in the short term. My team also handles the orders, shipping, and customer service. This is an excellent opportunity for people who would like to earn significant passive income.”

For people who dream of running their own business, Eric recommends his Genius Academy. “This is where you get to look over my shoulder and learn how I do it,” he states. “I teach you how to build and scale an Amazon Seller Central business, including how to use my proven formula to discover products that sell consistently. I hit all the questions you have, such as trademarks and brand registry, negotiations and sourcing with China, shipping, and private labeling.”

Eric knows that there are no shortcuts to success – selling products through Walmart or Amazon is no get-rich-quick scheme – but for those with a dedication to long-term financial growth, Walmart’s new Seller Central presents a valuable opportunity to grow a business on an exciting new platform, full of untapped potential.