A drink with a history as rich as its taste, there’s nothing like wine. Tastes ranging from a subtle sweet to a strong oak aroma, it’s unparalleled in its versatility. Encompassing all aspects of flavor, there is a wine for everyone. At Hertelendy Vineyards, founder and Vintner Ralph Hertelendy seeks to further make advances in the world of wine. 

Operating in the motherland of wine lovers, Napa Valley, Hertelendy Vineyards is where quality wine and luxury merge together to create an unforgettable experience in wine culture. Taking the best the land has to offer, Hertelendy’s grapes come from near and far. Taking on their environment, their vitis vinifera provides their Cabernet Sauvignon with a distinct rich taste, a staple in their arsenal of wines. Known worldwide for their volcano rich soil productions, the Hertelendy standards prioritize both soil and grape quality above all their wine production. Attention to detail on this spectrum is what has given Hertelendy Vineyards an overall critic rating of 99 points! Implementing luxury and exclusivity over all, Hertelendy’s code of conduct in wine production is unmatched. 

Access to esteemed mountainside vineyards (including their own Estate Vineyard 35 feet below the Howell Mountain AVA line), Hertelendy has utilized all the materials in their arsenal in order to provide the best quality grapes and wine in all of Napa Valley. Reigning supreme in wine production, they have truly been a force to be reckoned with in the wine industry. Finely combed and painstakingly considered in every detail in regards to grape quality, Hertelendy critic’s claims are truly a testimony of their impact within the industry. The charm and magic of Hertelendy can also be observed through their wine clubs, an exclusive look into the luxurious experience that lies within a vineyard. A club like no other, it offers patrons an insider look into what it takes to make a batch of Hertelendy wine. A choice between two clubs, Classic and Elite, Hertelendy has taken the idea of wine clubs to new heights.

As a Classic member, patrons enjoy the perks of having an array of both spring and winter wines. At six bottles each season, it is an opportunity for them to truly grasp the work done at Hertelendy’s Vineyard. Access to special wine releases prior to public knowledge, the Classic Membership is packed with a variety of benefits to suit any wine lover’s fancy. Invitations to insider events like the annual harvest party, a grandfathered discount, and exclusive rates to a variety of lodging stays; the Classic Membership is an example of what is provided by Hertelendy Vineyards.

The Elite Club, an upgrade from Classic, is considered to be the ultimate experience in wine culture. Allowing patrons access to the best that Hertelendy has to offer, the twelve bottles of wine a year is a considerable upgrade from the Classic. Casting a whole new light on the word luxury, the Elite Club is the ideal membership for die hard wine lovers. These standards alone make it clear to see why Hertelendy is considered a titan within the industry.   

 Recognizing the desire for exclusivity, Hertelendy has set an example for others to follow. Achieving a level of luxury that was largely unavailable previously, they prove to be the driving force of redefining wine culture as a whole. As the wine market continues to bloom with new wineries popping up almost every other day, it is necessary for Hertelendy, a diamond in the making, to set themselves as an exemplary winery. By cultivating wine through methods that have served them well in the past, as well as embracing the new ways, the values and practices that the Hertelendy name is built on, has never been clearer. The name Hertelendy is alive with culture and sophistication, a legacy that Ralph Hertelendy  intends to see through.

Changing with the times is essential for survival, but at Hertelendy, both preservation and elevation is happening. As Hertelendy continues to grow, luxury will continue to be a word synonymous with Hertelendy Vineyards.

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